General Information


There are two types of memberships - Full Members and Associate Members.
Full Members:
  • Asian performing arts festivals
  • Held on a regular or periodic basis and have taken place at least once
  • Feature national and international programming content
  • Possess an administrative structure for continuous liaison
  • Demonstrate commitment to the promotion, creation and development of professional artists and their works
Associate Members:
  • Performing arts festivals in Asia that are not eligible as full members
  • Other performing arts festivals not located in Asia
  • Non-festival organisations whose primary business involves the promotion and development of artists

Membership Benefits

  • Access information on various festivals and artists from the Asian region
  • Share programming plans and ideas
  • Participate in co-commissioning and co-production of programmes
  • Collaborate in Asian and international touring of programmes

Annual Fees

Full Membership Fee US$600
Associate Membership Fee US$300