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World Cultures Festival 2015 – A Decade of Exquisite Arts

Organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since 2005, the biennial World Cultures Festival has explored a number of fascinating regions and enabled audiences in Hong Kong to enjoy their creative brilliance in the past. This year, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, artistic gems from around the globe are gathered together from 16 Oct – 15 Nov.                                                                                                                                                             

Opening the Festival is The Song of Eva Perón by Tango Buenos Aires, a group that hails directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through sizzling, sensual tango, this new production pays homage to the country’s much-loved former First Lady.    



Opening Programme - The Song of Eva Perón 


Three Grammy winners from three different continents enthral with a diverse showcase of world music. Get ready for quintessential Irish music with an improvisational twist from The Chieftains; an exuberant Latin and European migrant folk mix with American conjunto band Los Texmaniacs; and vibrant vocals delivered by Beninese diva Angélique Kidjo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 The Chieftains         


From Asia, Japanese “living national treasure” Tamasaburo Bando directs the superb male taiko drummers of Kodo while Jinjo Crew injects Korean B-boying innovation into Western street dance. Moving to India, the dazzling Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan lifts the heart with elevating music and dance.  



Dadan 2015             


Shanghai Yue Opera House, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, showcases renowned performers and emerging talents in a captivating selection of works. Also carrying forward cultural heritage – and now in its 70th year! – the virtuoso choreography of Georgian National Dance Company Sukhishvili infuses contemporary aesthetics into mesmerising folk routines.    



Closing Programme - Shanghai Yue Opera House 


On the other hand, local artists also share the cheers of the 10th anniversary.  Hong Kong Professional Winds offers a lively, globe-trotting line-up of classical works. In another dynamic encounter, local musician Teriver Cheung and composer Fung Lam, fast-rising in international jazz and classical fields respectively, weave a cinematic tapestry of original music and images into a vibrant, multidimensional impression of Hong Kong.                                                                                                                                                                

In addition, there are inspiring programmes by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Hong Kong Sinfonietta, along with a series of engaging extension activities.


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