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Living in the current global political and economical challenge after the passing away of Mikhail David, the co-founder of JakArt in 2013, JakArt concentrates on the process of establishing its endowment fund for the arts and culture to prepare the sustainability of its activities in the future.


The current activities of JakArt Foundation are

1. Organizing cultural events in collaborations with the government, other institutions in Jakarta and other cities.

2. Supporting the International Chamber music Festivals in Yogyakarta.

3. Working on the archive and digitalization of JakArt’s activities from 2001 – 2014.

4. Preparing exhibition of the works by the late Mikhail David (co-founder of JakArt) in 6 cities in 4 continents, scheduled begin in 2016 (the Mikhail Neocles David Project – MND Project).

5. Supporting the development of the JakArt School of Arts (for students ages 4 - 99 years old) in Jakarta ( / fb: Sekolah Seni JakArt).


JakArts continues to support its vision and mission to create a better world through arts, culture and education.

Our slogan are:

                                        “to Support the Arts to Support Human Values”